Customer Loyalty Program


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Pet Central Limited is happy to offer an in-store loyalty points program to our customers! Each time you purchase something at Pet Central Limited, you will earn points. Once you've collected enough points, you can use them towards the purchase of your favorite products! It's that easy!

How does the Points System work?


For every dollar (before tax) you spend at Pet Central Limited, you earn 1 reward point. You can then cash in your points at our store towards your purchases!


What is a point worth?


100 Points = $1.50
500 Points = $7.50
1000 Points = $15.00
2000 Points = $30.00 

What can you get for your points?


Points can be used on any product sold at Pet Central Limited. However, your points cannot be redeemed for cash, they can only be used as cash towards another purchase.

Can you check your points balance online?


Yes! Kangaroo rewards has an app (compatible with all smartphone devices) and an online website where you, a member, will create an account and be able to check your points balance!


Who can I contact for more information?

For any questions or concerns regarding Pet Central Limited's Customer Loyalty Program, please call the store at 256-3930, message us on Facebook, visit us in person at 50 Roe Avenue, Gander, or email us at [email protected]

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