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Rabbits ( 0 in stock ) 


Assorted Hamsters (9 in stock)                


Roborovski hamster (0 in stock)

Mice ( 13 in stock)


Guinea Pig (2 In stock)



Bearded Dragons  (1 In Stock)

These hardy little guys make great first reptiles, and with the right care and attention will bond with their owners.


Leopard Geckos  (2 in stock)

Leopard geckos make great beginner reptiles


Veiled Chameleon-Female (1 in stock)

While Chameleons are considered as advanced reptiles to keep due to strict care requirements, Veiled Chameleons are one of the most robust species and are a good Chameleon to start with. Ventilated screen enclosures & automatic misting systems are must have for Chameleons.



Crested Gecko (1 in stock)

Cresties make great first reptiles, and live on a combination of small bugs and a powdered meal replacement by such brands as Repashy, this is a great reptile for people that don't have access to live feeder insects year round.


Emerald Swift (1 in stock)

Emerald Swifts are an arboreal species from high altitude cloud forests of Central America. A single swift will be happy in a 12x12x18 or bigger enclosure.


Green Basilisk (1 in stock)

commonly referred to as the "Jesus Lizard" for it's ability to run across the surface of water for short periods of time. This is a reptile for observing, not so much for handling due to its skittish personality, making it a great choice for people with prior reptile knowledge . A large tank approx. 36"x18"x36" is ideal for this species.

Blood Red Corn snake (1 in stock)

Albino Corn Snake (1 in stock)







Zebra Finch ( 3 in stock)

Yellow Canary ( 1 in stock)

Society Finch ( 2 in stock)

Red Factor Fancy Male Canary ( 2 in stock)

Budgie Birds ( 3 in stock)


Java Rice Finch (4 in stock)


~Salt Water Fish~ 


Saddle Clown fish ( 2 in stock)

Naso Tang ( 1 in Stock )


Blue Gudgeon Dartfish ( 3 in stock)


~Fresh Water Fish~


Glo fish Tetra


Glo fish Danio

Neon Tetra 


Assorted Fancy Goldfish

Comet Goldfish

Assorted African Cichlids 

Mountain Minnow 

Assorted Mollies

Assorted Platys 

Assorted Guppies 

Clown Loach 

Kuhli Loach 

Yo - Yo Loach 

Assorted Cory Catfish

Juli Cory Catfish

Panda Cory Catfish


Rainbow Shark

Bala Shark

Assorted Mystery Snail

Jumbo Common Pleco

Pink Kissing Gourami 

Jewel Cichlid

 Gold Ram

Electric Blue Ram

Giant Danio

Gardneri Killifish 

Female Betta

Halfmoon Dumbo Betta

Male Betta


Feather fin Catfish

Croaking Gourami

Convict Cichlid 

Bala Shark