New Arrivals

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When you adopt an animal with us, we give you 10% discount on all of the cages & accessories you need to give your new pet the best start in their new home. Add to that our rewards program, where you can save up points for money off purchases, plus FREE bags of food, treats, hay & bedding on many brands. Feel free to ask a member of staff for more details.

Please call us at 709 256-3930 for the most up to date animal inventory.



Rabbits ( 1 in stock) 



Assorted Hamsters (0 in stock)                


Roborovski hamster (0 in stock)

Mice ( 12 in stock)


Guinea Pig (0 In stock)



Giant Neo-tropical Anole (1 in stock)

Crested Gecko (2 in stock)

Cresties make great first reptiles, and live on a combination of small bugs and a powdered meal replacement by such brands as Repashy, this is a great reptile for people that don't have access to live feeder insects year round.


Emerald Swift (1 in stock)

Emerald Swifts are an arboreal species from high altitude cloud forests of Central America. A single swift will be happy in a 12x12x18 or bigger enclosure.

Ocellated skink (1 in stock)

Bearded Dragon (1 in stock)

Corn Snake - Miami Phase (1 in stock)

Mountain Horned Dragon (1 in stock)

Leopard Gecko (1 in stock)




Zebra Finch ( 2 in stock)


Society Finch ( 4 in stock)






~Salt Water Fish~


Sunburst ButterflyFish ( 1 in stock)


Blue Green Chromis (1 in stock)

Thunder Maroon Clown Fish (2 in stock)

Yellow Midas Blenny XL (1 in stock)

Tobacco Bass (2 in stock)

Yellow Tail Angel (1 in stock)

Red Fairy Anthia (2 in stock)

Mocha Clown Fish (4 in stock)

Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse (1 in stock)

Dwarf Zebra Lionfish (1 in stock)

Feather Duster (1 in stock)

Cleaner Shrimp (4 in stock)

Pajama Cardinal (5 in stock)

Assorted Coral Frags (30+ in stock)



~Fresh Water Fish~


Glo fish Tetra


Glo fish Danio

Neon Tetra 


Assorted Fancy Goldfish

Assorted African Cichlids 


Assorted Mollies

Assorted Platys 



Kuhli Loach 

 Assorted Cory Catfish

Rainbow Shark

Bala Shark

Assorted Mystery Snail

Pink Kissing Gourami 


Assorted Rams


Male Betta

Assorted Gourami

Senegal Bichir

Neon Blue Acara


Australian Rainbow Fish

Parkinsoni Rainbow Fish

Assorted Danio

Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

Black Ghost Knifefish

Siamese Flying Fox

Assorted Tetra


Albino Pleco

Common Pleco

Emperor Tetra

Threadfin Rainbowfish


Black Neon Tetra

Ruby Black Barb


Live Aquatic Plants

Zebra Convict Cichlid

Loiselle's Cichlid


Electric Blue Jack Dempsy

Jaguar Cichlid

Rope Fish

Geophagus Jurupari Cichlid

Red Striped Geophagus Cichlid

Torpedo Barb

Iridescent Shark

Zebra Lobster

Tiger Botia Loach

Chinese Algae Eater

Emerald Cory Catfish XL

Bristlenose Pleco

Silver Hatchet Fish

Coral Red Pencil Fish

Harlequin Rasbora

Celebes Rainbow Fish

African Dwarf Frog